Tropical Seaglass


Authentic Sea glass!  For the sea glass collector or jewelry designer, these 107 collections are full of rare pieces, vivid colors and jewelry quality pieces!

Click HERE to choose from ONE HUNDRED collections of sea glass available sea glass!    10/1/21  – 

Sea glass I find on Hawaii’s beaches! Purchase from 16 years of beach combing “hoards;” my collection is full of rare colors! Here, you can view (and purchase!) some beach glass from the golden years of sea glass collecting, before people began to make their own and seed the ocean with sharp shards.

 Sea glass is becoming increasingly hard to find – more collectors and fewer pieces.  But you can add to your collection by choosing pieces from my Etsy shop, SeaGlassFromHawaii. I am fortunate to still find a lot of sea glass on my walks on the beaches in Hawaii! 

Hawaii is my home and I’m happy to share my photos of my tropical life and sea glass that I find on beaches in  where the wild surf tumbles the glass, creating smooth edges, frosty pieces.

To purchase any of my sea glass collections, choose the “shop” drop-down menu at the top of this page.

If you can’t make it to Hawaii, this will make you feel like you are there!

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One thought on “Aloha!

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Are you back? I looked up my PP account and it looks as though you might have sent out the yellow marble? If so, have you set up the other shipment? Welcome back.
    Pat Thomas

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